Training Division

Fire District 12’s Training Division coordinates and facilitates a wide range of training for fire district personnel. The department is led by the Chief of Training.

All programs are conducted with the goal of maintaining and improving operational effectiveness, introducing new methods of operation and techniques, preventing occupational accidents, injury or death, and minimizing community loss of life and property.

A firefighter receives ongoing training his entire career.

Initially, each recruit must attend a comprehensive 16-week recruit training academy at FD12 headquarters, that includes Emergency Medical Responder, firefighter 1 and firefighter 2, hazardous materials awareness, hazardous materials operations, vehicle rescue, and incident command.

Once they graduate from the academy, recruits must complete 246 hours of driver operator training. This includes classroom training, completing a certified driving course, and driving routes throughout the response area in each apparatus with the company officer (Captain).

Each year, firefighters must complete continuing education, which includes 192 hours of company training, 12 hours of driving training, 12 hours of officer training, and 6 hours of hazmat training. Each FD12 suppression personnel must also complete 20 hours of EMS continuing education annually, as well as 18 hours of multi-company drills annually.

The Training Division also partners with area fire departments, fire districts and law enforcement agencies to conduct joint training exercises that foster cooperation amongst agencies. This leads to more cohesive operations at the scene of incidents in which multiple agencies are involved.

The above is a broad overview and only a fraction of what our training division does. As always, we continue to strive for and demand nothing less than perfection during training.