Members of Training Division Attend 88th Annual FDIC Conference

In April, Chief of Training Dominick Bourgeois and Instructor Jon King attended the 2015 Fire Department Instructors Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.

This international conference, attended by nearly 32,000 industry professionals, gives fire service professionals on all levels the opportunity to network with their peers, as well as attend workshops and classroom sessions to enhance their knowledge and provide skills, which they can bring back to their departments.

During the week-long conference, Bourgeois and King learned new techniques in vehicle extrication, hose handling, and in conducting live fire training in acquired structures. Also during the conference, both members attended numerous classes on rapid intervention crew deployment, officer development, and fire behavior.

They were also able to visit numerous vendor exhibits and see the latest and greatest in new apparatus design, firefighter personal protective equipment, and training aides.

conference 1                  conference 2

The above photos are from the heavy vehicle extraction class Instructor King attended. In this class, individuals were able to participate in scenarios they are likely to face on the street but may not be able to be trained for because their departments lack the needed resources such as semis and larger vehicles. Attendees are able to take home to their departments the practical knowledge they gain. Using semis, metro buses, and trailers, students participate in four separate, challenging practicals that also include a rotating wrecker.