2015 Rookie School Recruits Entering The Home Stretch

As the 12th week of FD12’s rookie school gets underway, recruits our continuing to learn techniques and conduct exercises that they will use in the field. Below, see some of the past weeks’ training exercises in action:

P3060033                 P3090102

Above, left, Recruit Michael Devun and Recruit Scott Cookmeyer are practicing hose handling techniques.

Above, right, Recruit Michael Babin and Recruit Fallan Lowder are establishing a water supply from a fire hydrant during a live burn evolution.

P3090106     P3090131

Above, left, recruits are entering a building during a live burn to conduct search and rescue operations and fire attack.

Above, right, a recruit is feeding hose to his other crew members who are advancing the hose line into the building to attack a fire.

Upon completion of the 14-week program, recruits will graduate in late April.




FD12 Welcomes Recruits to 2015 Rookie School

For the past seven years, FD12’s training division has welcomed new recruits to their rookie school. Throughout the comprehensive 14 week program, held at the department’s headquarters, recruits learn: firefighter 1 and 2, first aid, CPR, AED (automatic external defibrillator), driver operator pumper, hazardous materials awareness, hazardous materials operations, vehicle rescue and incident command.

This year’s recruits are: Michael Babin, Fire District No. 12, Scott Cookmeyer, Fire District No. 3, Michael Devun, Fire District No. 12, Travis Katen, Fire District No. 12, Fallan Louder, independent, Paul Sehlinger, Fire District No. 3, and Tanner Stuard, independent.

On the first day, recruits were given their class motto “Train Like Your Life Depends On It” to help motivate them throughout the program. Recruits have taken that motto and inserted it into a chant that they say at the beginning and end of each day.

During the first week of rookie school, recruits have also participated in several team building exercises, which allows them to begin building relationships and solving problems as a group.

rookie school 2015-2              rookie school 2015 -1 (1)

Regular Meeting Agenda: October 16, 2014


Pursuant to a call for such, members of St. Tammany Fire Protection District 12 Board of Commissioners will hold their Regular Meeting at 4:00PM on Thursday, October 16, 2014, at the District’s Headquarters, 19375 Hwy 36, Covington, Louisiana.